Day 22 of 366…

Some light reading with lunch…

5 thoughts on “Day 22 of 366…

  1. Thought it was slightly inappropriate to +1 this on my stream without commenting…So here goes.
    Great shot, light is beautiful, lunch may include a little bit too much green for my liking 🙂
    As for the light reading…
    I’ve just downloaded that very guide so I intended to spend the my evening having a light read.
    I kind of know the basics but not really in any detail, so in order to better understand the subject I’ll do a bit of homework. Your friend Andy 🙂

  2. Ahh Andy.. you are very sweet.. I don’t know what to say.. thank you. I only wish you were in the states.. so we could grab a pint or two before all this nonsense begins.. as for lunch being a little too green.. I agree with you and hopefully will add on some more substantial food soon!

    Thank you for visiting and for being a great friend.. 🙂


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