Day 51 of 366…


This is one of those instances where I had to capture a moment. Obviously the image isn’t great but I had to get this just before she left. Due to my stem cell transplant I have to give away a couple of my cats. This one is “Boo”. I’ve had her for almost 14 years and while I know she will be in the best hands (a good friend’s hands that is) it still was very hard to hand her over however I know she will be well cared for.

2 thoughts on “Day 51 of 366…

  1. Boo lovely name for a cat 🙂
    It’s good to know she’ll be in good hands.

    We’ve two cats, brother and sister. This is spit of the girl ‘Mwnci’ – Welsh for Monkey.
    Her rascal of a brother – The naughty one who likes to kill everything that moves.
    Is called ‘Tiny’ he’s not tiny – but hey give a three year old the responsibility of naming a cat – what do you expect 🙂

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